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From the recording Elevation

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[ Yo, Yo This is George “Dr. Funkenstein” Clinton saying Yo, This Elevation
-Glenn. and Elevation]

(Lou Breda - Pre-Hook)

Super charged niggas trying redefine the past time
Real Negus Never Die

Realize it’s our time
{It’s that time}
Realize it’s our time
We gon’ have the last laugh
[Straight Lace}

(GT - Verse 1)

Sometimes I feel like GQ on the roof
I don’t need that juice
Mufuckas praising bullshit
Like it’s the truth
They don’t even know the rules
But they hundred proof
Mid-grade fool GT coming through with that boom
Mane kick them lame ass niggas up out the room
Real cloth talk fraud behavior will not be excused
Don’t be ill advised
Real Negus is televised
Get some better vibes
them niggas is telling lies
Get back on yo square
Cop, then flip
Then repeat, then stack [yea..]
Plies Running to the money [yea..]
Yea we going get that money [yea..]

(GT - Chorus 1)

Real Negus televised [uh]
Yea , them hating niggas telling lies
{uh} Yea we bout to go to the top
Yea real Negus never die
Say real Negus never die {uh}
Yea real Negus never die
{uh} No Real Negus never die
Negus televised
Real Negus never die

(GT - Verse 2)

Out here grinding hard fa sho
Race to the milli
Tryna get it like Nas and Diddy
Broke Niggas
Fuck they gon tell me

Boy my passport hella stamped, no military
[uh, uh} Boy I’m the king of mi casa
Sparking mala herba
Bumpin that grande papa
Niggas can’t see the don dada GT
Nigga never play ya self
Boy ya know me
Get the shit popping crazy
Like it was the 80s
Niggas grew up in the 80’s
Boy You know that raised me
Pop been grinding from the trunk
Nigga what you want
Nigga been getting money
I ain’t got to front (Boy)
See them niggas they’ll never try

Boy, my brother Pete gangsta he’ll let it fly
We off that, keep it civilized
You and getting to the money
My nigga then bye

(GT - Chorus 2)

Real Negus never die
Real Negus never die {uh}
Real Negus never die
All them biting niggas they just tell lies.
My OG said secure the bag
Laughing at them niggas looking hella sad