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  1. Feelin'

From the recording Elevation

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You already know who it is
I’m about to let my youngins go crazy
Mo6, Let’s get em’

(Queen - Verse 1)

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Queen
And that I am
I can penny any beat, you can bet, I can
Play me on the hardest level, yes, still I win
I am no rookie, don’t you try to push me
I’m sick in the head, I kill em all dead
Poke the beast, watch, I’ll turn into a dragon
Spit my fire and move like I’m Jagger
Servin’ niggas heads on platters
Kill em with that vamped out dagger
If heads only knew like Miss Heather B
But if heads only knew they couldn’t handle me
I feel the tension in the room when my pen drop
I hear them shakin’ in their boots when my verse stop
I come through M’s down Northside yo shit
I would wish y’all had a sound like this

(Kash – Verse 2)

Uh oh, Mo6’s here, go tell a friend
Beware, they came to kill again
I ain’t been the same since that fire dropped
No lies when they say we got that fire
Pipe down, nigga don’t get me hyped up
One move turn this bitch into fight club
See, I’m fly and I’m feisty
Ain’t no other nigga like me
Plus, I’m clean in this white tee
Straight facts, can’t fabricate that
Where you at?
I’m on my way back, just picked up the pack
This shit is real
We be really makin’ hits
I’m in the field
Yeah, we really wit the shits
In packs like the dessert wolves
And the nighttime animals
We’ll be slime when you see us
In the hood, bitch, I’m hella good
But I cannot say the same for you
M’s down, when you see us

(King - Verse 3)
Chain, chain, chain
Chaingy, chain, chain
Look at my ring bling
I make it sing –a-sing, sing
Ladidadi tryin’ to get me mami face
Shorty, love yourself, hug yourself
Touch yourself
Throw that back
Yeah yeah yeah
Turn that up
Smack that
Hell yeah
Bitch I’m ___ wit a bottle, what you like?
Yeah, probably, possibly
Possibly check out my prophecy
My momma proud and honestly
You can see me dancing on my wrist
_______________ and I drip
You can’t tell me nothin’ though

(Rome - Verse 4)

Hello boys and girls
I’m Michael
Did you know I’m a lunatic and I’m psycho?
I’ll probably rip the flesh off your bones
Wear it to your funeral and sit next to your moms
Hold up, I know I’m scarin’ you
I don’t really give a fuck cuz I’m a terror
Bet that Northside moon put that fear in you
Cuz when that hollow 16 will whip you up and devour

(Shake - Verse 5)

Shut down, it’s lightening
Vampy as ever, my shadow might buy it
Flew in on a dragon its parked on the side
But just don’t look me into my eyes incase the villian arrives
Mo6, that be my mothafuckin’ gang
Northside is what we mothafuckin’ bang
Vamp juice, run through my mothafuckin’ veins
And we’ll mob the fuck out if a nigga, it’s Northside
Or something, know it
But just don’t let that jiggy figure fuckin fool ya
Icebox, cooler, kinda suit ya
Thought you knew
We breakin’ in and robbin up the whole place
open the safe

Told y’all