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From the recording Elevation

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(GT - Verse 1)

When shit hits the fan/you know the rest my man:
Better(look)up to the sky and follow plans
And you know I’m grinding/want the mills/fuck a hundred grand
Kicking back/and the scene wild/vivid rhythms
And I(look)in your eyes and I see your mind bad/
need to(look)in mirror and rewind that/better/

(GT - Verse 2)

God please break the monotony/
people pocket watching/
why you focus on my plate/
niggas chatty patty’s/
show love/out of blind hate/
having free thought:
they want the black man to stay safe/
have you ostracized/paint you crazy like Kanye/
OutKast you in a BIG way/Go hiding like Andre/

They tell you that the love you/
But the ploy comes two face/
They just want you for your service
Throw you out like some toothpaste

But I’ma: keep on enlightening em/
flows always tighter and/elevating/
Get to the money/
But keep it righteous Bruh/
Can I live/without keeping up a fib/
never bring me down:
Watching for niggas tryna to....